About Jessica O'Leary

Jessica O’Leary is following in her grandma’s footsteps as she straps on a helmet and into a racecar. Since the age of nine, O’Leary has been racing to win just like her role model, Danica Patrick.

O’Leary has dreamed of becoming the first female NASCAR Sprint Cup champion but as of right now, she just wants to consistently improve whether it’s in racing, school, or soccer.

Jessica has completed three years (2009-2011) in Kart Racing and in that time her accomplishments include:

  • 2 Top 5 season finishes
  • 2 Top 10 season finishes
  • 3 Championship races
  • 2nd Place in all 3 championship races
  • 1st Place in a 90-minute endurance race
  • Currently highest ranked female driver in the F1 Boston Junior League

In 2012, Jessica progressed to Mini-Cup racing at Seekonk Speedway in the Seekonk Youth Racing Association division. The season brought O'Leary a tenth place finish in the points standings.

During the 2013 season Jessica continued racing in the Mini-Cup division at Seekonk Speedway and finished the season in 4th while also earning the Phil's Propane Triple Crown Championship.

For the 2014 season, O'Leary moved to the highly competitive Legend car series and worked with Curt Snow's Two Flakes Racing. Competing at Seekonk Speedway, O'Leary's rookie season in the Legend series was highlighted by multiple 10th place finishes.

2017 racing plans will be announced soon, stay tuned!


Q: What is your favorite thing about racing?

A: my favorite thing is the high speeds and risks you have to take one the track .


Q: If you could pick one person to race who would it be? Why?

A: It would be Brad K because he's always fast and I could learn a lot.


Q: Why not a cheerleader?? Why racing?

A: Cheerleading and other sports don't have enough thrill like racing I like the high speeds of racing.


Q: If you could sit down with one experienced driver who would it be? Why?

A: it would be Brad K because he is a really smart driver.


Q: How did you get interested in racing?

A: Well, racing runs in my family. My grandmother was a racer and I've been watching NASCAR for ever.